Useful Information

Passport, Visa and other Travel Information

(as per Host Country’s Regulations and Procedures)

  • All participants in the extended 45th session of the Committee are required to possess an international passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia territory, with sufficient pages for visa stamps. It is mandatory that the passport or travel document be recognized and valid for the return of its bearer and that it does not contain any restriction or condition, whether it is an ordinary, diplomatic or special passport.

  • Only registered persons will be eligible to apply for visas, where required, and to enter the territory of the Host Country to attend the Committee session. Please note that the UNESCO World Heritage Centre will be unable to intervene in any visa decisions taken by the authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All participants must check entry requirements to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with the nationality and the type of passport they hold with the nearest consulate or the diplomatic mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in their home country. The list of Diplomatic Missions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abroad with their current contact details is available at: Should an Entry Visa be required, participants are advised to submit their visa application as early as possible, at least 4 weeks prior to the Session, and obtain the visa in advance. All nationalities are required to obtain a visa to enter the Kingdom, except for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC).

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has introduced e-visas for citizens of eligible countries who wish to visit the Kingdom. The e-visa system provides a simple and quick way to apply for e-visa, without the need to visit a Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in person. For this event, please note that once you have registered online via UNESCO website and your accreditation has been granted, you will receive an email confirming your registration, and you will be redirected to the Host Country's website to finalize the e-visa process. Should you face any problems or may have any questions concerning e-visa, please contact:


Kindly be informed that the participants are responsible for arranging their accommodation. For your convenience, organizers have agreed on special rates with a list of hotels and have reserved a certain number of rooms for the duration of the Committee meeting. You are advised to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Shuttle buses will be provided between the listed hotels and the venue of the Committee meeting on a regular basis.

For further information, please refer to Local Transportation and Transfers to the Conference Venue.

The hotel rates are based on a Bed & Breakfast basis. Kindly click here for the latest list of recommended hotels. Please note that the hotel rates will be valid until 1 September, so please make sure that you visit the website and make your reservation before then.

Should you face any problems or may have any questions concerning accommodation, please contact:

Local Transportation And Transfers To The Conference Venue

All participants of the extended 45th session of the Committee are entitled to free of charge transportation with the designated buses, upon showing their registration badge. The buses will circulate between the airport and the session venue as well as between the recommended hotels and the session venue. A detailed timetable of buses will be available on the website beginning of September 2023, as well as at the session venue and at the airport information desk from 9 September 2023. Participants who prefer to rent their own vehicle should arrange it themselves with one of many international or local transportation companies.

For Emergency

Emergency Number

Roaming agreements are in place with most international phone companies. SIM cards can be purchased at local phone stores (ID required). WhatsApp is widely used for texting and messaging only. For free calls, please use alternative apps like Signal, imo and FaceTime.

Country Code: +966
Police: 911
Ambulance: 997
Civil Defense: 998
Traffic Accidents: 993
Highway Patrol: 996
Coast Guard: 994
Tourism Hotline: 930

Medical Care

Basic modern medical care and medicines are available in several hospitals and clinics in Riyadh offering a wide range of medical services. Pharmacies are common throughout Riyadh and carry a wide range of medicine. Prescriptions are normally required. Payment at all medical facilities is due at the time of service.

Medical Insurance

The Host Country will provide a first-aid service for participants at the meeting venue and all the recommended hotels. All other medical services will not be covered. Participants are expected to assume the costs of any medical treatment that they might receive while in Riyadh. It is strongly recommended that medical insurance be purchased in your home country to cover you in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as any other destinations on your journey. The Host Country will not be responsible for travel and medical insurance costs of the Session participants. More information related to medical, dental and other health related issues can be obtained at the session venue information desk. Medical emergency number is: [997].