Media Center

Accreditation, Visa and Customs

Accreditation is mandatory for media representatives who wish to cover the extended 45th session of the World Heritage Committee. To be accredited, the following steps should be followed:

  • Kindly send an email with the full name of each person and the name of the media organization seeking accreditation to, copying for information and All media representatives who wish to cover the session are kindly asked to register preferably before 1 August 2023.

  • In reply to your email, you will receive a registration code and a letter, which will be required to complete your visa application.

  • Please take note of the need to declare all media equipment at Customs upon arrival. Additionally, certain items such as drones may not be brought to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without additional permission from the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Please click here for the list of all prohibited items.

The organizers of the Host Country will be in a position to facilitate the permission process for these items. Therefore, please contact the Organizers at:

Media Registration and Security Measures

A special desk will be reserved for the registration of media representatives in the main registration area at the venue. The hours of registration will be the same as for all other participants (please refer to Registration Desk and Distribution of Badges here). Please note that your application for accreditation must be received and approved before you register on site.

Part of the registration procedure will be to obtain your personal accreditation/security badge at the media registration desk. Accreditation badges are to be worn visibly at all times to gain access to the venue and must be presented upon request to security personnel. Accreditation badges are not transferable. Access to the session venue will be denied to any individual who uses the badge improperly.

Please be advised that security personnel may verify that equipment taken into the session venue is used for its intended purpose. Kindly allow sufficient time in your schedule to pass the security checks.

Media Centre

A Media Centre will be made available as a space with work stations for the media to cover the extended 45th session of the World Heritage Committee. Journalists will also have access to the Internet and a printer.

Press Conference

Press Conferences will take place in a dedicated space nearby the main plenary room of the session venue. Only accredited media will have access to the room.

Press Material

Official press releases, photographs and live streaming of the extended 45th session of the World Heritage Committee will be regularly updated and available to download from here. A technical briefing for media representatives will be held prior to the session in order to review media protocols and conduct of business of the World Heritage Committee. Media briefings might be held to provide information on proceedings or decisions taken by the Committee and press releases will be issued regularly during the session. The proceedings will also be live-streamed on the website of the session.

UNESCO’s press officers will be present at the Media Centre during the session. In case of additional questions related to media, you may contact the following email addresses: